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RSS syndication in public administrations and official bodies

Good practices in content syndication are not abundant in public institutions. There are always a thousand and one drawbacks to maintaining even one fixed link to a source of public interest.

An example to follow: the Complutense University of Madrid

Recently the UCM has developed an excellent RSS syndication. Through this page, the prestigious university has shown a perfect understanding of the philosophy of content syndication and the importance of making its information accessible, taking advantage of the enormous potential of the Internet and RSS technology.

In the aforementioned page, users can obtain syndicated information on: Complutense News, Conferences, Congresses, Culture and sports, Courses, Scholarships, Contests and Awards, Calls, Contests, Social Action, Employment, etc. etc.

Without a doubt, a reference model to be imitated by the rest of the public administrations. Congratulations Complutense.

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