Fluid retention

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Who does not have fluid retention? I believe that all women, from the age of 40, begin to retain fluids and swell without knowing why. Fluid retention does not bring anything good, because it causes cellulite, poor circulation, weight gain ...

What is fluid retention? Fluid retention is the retention and accumulation of fluid in the tissues of our body.

Why does fluid retention occur? It occurs when liquids accumulate in the space between cells, known as space interstitial. The result is the well-known increase between 2 and 4 kilos of more. The female body is prone to suffer from it especially when we are with crazy hormones, since the body secretes estrogens and progesterone, which have a great capacity to retain fluids.

Fluid retention can cause a feeling of heaviness in the legs

How to combat fluid retention? We are going to give you solutions of all kinds, but you cannot get flooded by liquids, which do not belong to certain body systems because later bags appear under the eyes, swollen ankles and hands, a swollen belly ...

1- The first thing is to make a low salt diet. Outside precooked, you must eat foods rich in potassium and low in sodium, fruit (pear and apple).

If you retain liquids, salt is not recommended

2- Goodbye to sedentary lifestyle: the best thing is swimming, walking every day, no naps of more than 20 minutes. It is mortal! If you don't want to ride, do an exercise bike. Whatever ... but do something. Move them for about 20 to 30 minutes of cardio.

Exercise can help with fluid retention

3- Professional treatments:

  • The presotherapyof the latest generation, it is the most of the most. While it activates the lymphatic system through diathermy (heat) it activates the evacuation of the interstitial fluid with serums, which will be previously activated by activating blood circulation. At the same time if it is convenient it is also usedorn microcurrents program, which activates the basal metabolism and Ale-hop !!! You stay free of toxins and retention. After the session a special herbal tea to cleanse the lymph with a vial for blood circulation.


  • This treatment alternated with manual draining massage of algae and mud, It is the best to avoid swelling.

If you retain liquid, you swell to drink like a frog, you will retain more. Start taking infusions of parsley, horsetail or buydraining blisters. I recommend you:

  • B36 (Lab. Bio Spain): from the 1st blister your body begins to mobilize. It is priced: from € 22 to € 25. It is combined with B8 CIRLINE to clean the Lymph, its Price from € 22 to € 25.
  • Apply cream to activate circulation or anti-cellulite. It must be applied from the foot to the neck. Except the chest. It will activate the circulatory system,Cream of the cream, is the Germaine Seaweed Cream 500 ml. As soon as you put the cream on, you will notice that you start peeing right away.
  • Do not wear tight clothing like socks, which leave marks, panties that tighten the English, because the blood cannot flow well and influences the blood flow. You will retain more liquid.
  • Take a bath with warm salt water and essential oils, it will activate the circulatory system. Remember to apply the cream or oil after bathing.

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